Nature is both an eternal and altering milieu, which is pulsating together with living and non-living organisms. A timeless environment, a network of crossing roads. It’s a system of paths that the past has trodden for the present, paving the way for the future to lead into a region of constant discovering. To the regions of cognition, where we can try to decipher the origin of the visual images currently presented to us with the help of various information. Future Landscapes invites you to such a reality expedition into the realms of predictable unpredictability.


Péter Mátyási - Áron Donáth: Unbeaten Path 
interactive installation / Cabin,15 min 

The joint space-specific installation of visual artist Péter Mátyási and sound designer Áron Donáth is based on live presence and composed especially for the (exhibition) space of Kabin. Unbeaten Path creates a constantly changing atmosphere for the visitors through an unpredictable mix of noises and footsteps and archived nature sounds. Entering the space, the search for the "wonder" of the unknown nature becomes a subjective experience, through the interplay, harmony or even cacophony of ourselves and the various vibrations we create. 
Where do we go, what we are looking for, what could we find…? The safety of the built installation environment and the confusion of our hacked senses are confirming the different signals and making us uncertain at the same time. Curiosity and discovery drive us to find what we came for, while we may already be over it…


The artist is represented by Ani Molnár Gallery.
With: Péter MÁTYÁSI, Áron DONÁTH 
Curated by: Andrea KOVÁCS

Ádám Márton Horváth – Péter Lichter: Darkness is falling through darkness
video installation / Trafoclub, 40 min

When we are strolling on a road down or up a mountain, we just start to evoke our past adventures, slopes, and long climbs. We walk all the steps at once. Our common meeting point is the forest. Péter Lichter remixed his Frozen May film tapes and turned the recorded forest landscapes into abstract visual scenes. Ádám Márton Horváth captures the moods of his long forest walks and hikes with various musical motifs and sounds.

https://peterlichter.com/  + https://songsfromtheroom.bandcamp.com/ + https://donau.bandcamp.com/

With: Ádám Márton HORVÁTH, Péter LICHTER 
Co-operation partner: Let it Be! art agency

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