The GREAT WASHING - 5 Years of T+U

Entrance fee: 1500 HUF

Publishing and artistic collective Technologie und das Unheimliche (T+U) based in-between Budapest and Berlin celebrates its 5th anniversary this year. On the occasion of this remarkable jubilee, the traditional T+U Christmas party will take place this time at Trafóclub. In the frameworks of the evening, staying true to the spirit of Hungarofuturist Aquatics and to the exhibition Web of Wet on view at Trafó Gallery, every slit of the NATIONMACHINE will be overflooded. Accordingly, the program of the evening is expected to be quite diverse: there will be dark, colorful, white, delicate and indelicate, sports, synthetic and ECO washing cycles.


6 pm. Prewash, with performances:

LAND 3C: FOSSIL pt. 2 (performance)

Zsigmond Kompolthy: SOUNDSNIFTER (performance)

T+U w/Daniel Hüttler: THE GREAT FLOOD (performance)

8 pm. Washing, rinsing, leaching with DJ sets and live acts:

Vilnius Melancholy (LAND 3C) dj

Nullius in Verba (T+U) dj

Tsering live

Splatter (Küss Mich, Élő-Halott) + Palmovka (Baba Vanga, Easterndaze) dj

Gnd (Baba Vanga, Easterndaze) dj

TELEϟPORT (Davoria, EXILES) live

F͇a̹u̼s̚t͌o̲ M̤e̝r͗̍͊cͥi͎e̵r̶ (Genot Centre, EXILES) live

Skeleton Panda Sea Squirts (Carrageenan + Új Bála special collab) live

The musical lineup has been curated by Lucia Udvardyova.

Our ticket office is closed until 22 August.:
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  • studio and club performance days: 5 pm - 8:30 pm
  • other days: 5pm - 8 pm
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