29/05/2018 8pm



Trafó Theatre Hall, Trafóklub

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Theatre Hall: 1500 HUF | Student: 1200 HUF
Trafóklub: 500 HUF
General Season Pass and Twin Pass accepted

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VGC Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (BE) , RainbowHouse (BE), Volksroom (BE), Global Hybrid Records (BE), Les Brigittines, Play-House for Movements (BE), BCDA– Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy (HU)

Source | Obsession | Melting Pot

| dance

29 MAY 2018.



This performance is a “reset“ of the original piece premiered in 2008. The concept, the method, and the stage design remain the same while the dancers, their dreams, the rhythm of their dreams’ recordings, the movement materials and their composition has changed.


“My body lives a life of its own, yet there are moments when the walls of the mind grow thin, when nothing is unabsorbed, we go on filled with lingering sensations, tapping into the world with half-finished phrases, these are the things that forever interrupt the process upon which I am eternally engaged of finding some perfect phrase that exactly fits this very moment…”

Melting Pot

Our desires transform into movement, our fears into sweat. Moving through and breaching the cultural and categorical bounds in contemporary dance, this work aims to facilitate the exchange between different dance styles, as well as culture and communities, giving way to the possibility of sensing and building a certain kind of shared consciousness that allows people to feel united.

Táncosok / Dancers:
Alja Branc (SLO)
Gwen Bechler (D)
Gaja Caruso (SLO)
Justine Copette (B)
Franziska Doffin (D)
Attila Dániel (HU)
Márton Debreczenyi (HU)
Jerneja Fekonja (SLO)
Alejandra Hernánd ez (COL)
Anna Jacsó (HU)
Till Jenewein (D)
Ivona Medić (CRO )
Petra Pecek (SLO)
Julija Pecnikar (SLO)
Virva Torkko (FIN)
Orsolya Vágner (HU)

Rendezte / Directed by:
Köszönet / Special thanks:
Gioachino Rossini
András Braun
Koreográfus / Choreographer:
Tijen Lawton
Fénytechnika / Light control:
Hanna Angelus

Koncepció / Concept:
Marco Torrice
DJ set:
Illsyll (BE)

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