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18/12/2017 8pm
08/01/2018 8pm
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Trafó Studio

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2000 HUF | Student: 1600 HUF
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dollardaddy's: Child

| theatre

8 - 15 JAN 2018.


in Hungarian

One of the major 19th century playwrights is given a 21st century overhaul. Reworking Henrik Ibsen seems like a perfect fit for the young actors of Dollardaddy’s, Ibsen's works picking at the scabs of society, and exposing the moral collapse of contemporary life.

NÓRA HELMER - Emőke Kiss-Végh
TORVALD HELMER, her husband - Tamás Ördög
LINDÉNÉ, her fiend - Annamária Láng
KROGSTAD - Sándor Terhes
director: Tamás Ördög

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