Mannès – Turine – Lemaître (BE):


3200 HUF
student: 2600 HUF

Accompanying program

after the performance Jenna Jalonen and the audience are having a Q&A session with Leslie Mannès choreographer, Thomas Turine sound designer and Vincent Lemaître light designer.

Forces is a futuristic and immersive ritual in which three female figures take us into a whirlwind of primary, telluric, and technological forces. Like cyborg, warrior, shamans, these women draw on the invisible to make of their bodies, the vector of a vital, collective, emancipatory metamorphosis.

As in Atomic 3001, Leslie Mannès, Thomas Turine and Vincent Lemaître continue to explore the triangular and fusional relationship between body, sound and light to provoke a total sensory experience for the viewer.

FORCES calls onto the irrational to celebrate the power of the living by staging, a constantly changing, permeable body, a body connected to the elements, chaos, joy and community trying to re-appropriate its inner power.

« The inner power is the power coming from under, from the dark, from the earth. The power that comes from our blood, our lifes and our passionate desire for the living. It is the power to feel, to heal, to love, to create, to give shape to our future, to change our social structures.» 
Starhawks: Dreaming the Dark: Magic, Sex and Politics, Cambourakis, 2015

Leslie Mannès - choreographer and dancer, Thomas Turine - composer and musician and Vincent Lemaître – lighting designer, have all been active in the field of performing arts for several years. Their respective professional backgrounds have led them to work together on different occasions with the Cie Mossoux-Bonté or the Cie System Failure. Togther they develop a common writing from the body, sound and light as the three foundations of a language to coinvent. Together, they explore a territory of sound movements, luminous sounds and choreographic flashes.

Conception Leslie Mannès, Thomas Turine, Vincent Lemaître 
Choreography Leslie Mannès 
Original live music Thomas Turine 
Light creation Vincent Lemaître 
Creation and interpretation Leslie Mannès, Mercedes Dassy, Daniel Barkan 
Costume creation Marie Artamonoff 
Artistic advisor Joëlle Bacchetta
Photo Laetitia Bica/Espèces, Hichem Dahes
Distribution BLOOM Project 
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