György Árvai / The Collective of Natural Disasters

2500 Ft / Student: 1900 Ft / Trafó Season Ticket is valid!

A trilogy - 3 performances, three venues, one night...
62 DAYS: Trafó 7pm (meet us at 6.40pm)
ANGELSTORE 2.0: departure Trafó 8.15pm
PRE-ACTION: MU Theatre 9.20pm

The first part of the TRILOGY, 62 DAYS, premiered at TRAFÓ, Budapest in 2002. The second part, ANGELSTORE 2.0, premiered in 2004, and the final part, PRE-ACTION, was first shown in 2006. Each part of the TRILOGY deals with various extreme forms of death. The performances of the Collective of Natural Disasters (founded 1984) cannot be easily described as either theatre, dance, exhibition, object art, assemblage, video-installation, radio-play or concert. The performances are based on elements of all these genres, and do not offer easy solutions, but gently help you to open your mind to question stereotypes and accustomed habits through free associations.

Bozsik Yvette, Csatári Éva, Derzsi János, Gergye Krisztián, Imre Zoltán, Kertesi Ingrid, Kovács Gerzson Péter, Ladnyánszki Márta, Lenz Tünde, Ónodi Eszter, Parabryo, Pető Kata, Szűcs Edit, Szirtes Attila, Trill Zsolt

With the support of:
Flórián Műhely


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