Compagnie Pál Frenák: Tricks & Tracks 2.

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On 19 February, Thursday after the performance in the café. Playing Julien Bardakoff, the favorite French DJ of the Company, who equally appears in Parisian clubs and the Budapest night life. Free entrance with ticket to the performance!

Compagnie Pál Frenák presented its performance entitled Tricks & Tracks in 1999 which made them well-known to the public. The basic concept of this legendary and momentous production still has not lost its timeliness.  Tricks & Tracks 2 is the revision of the original performance: ironic, cruel and provocative; the performers slip from one character to the next, undressing themselves and then slipping back in their created roles. Their bodies leave real traces while slamming into each other or the sterile white surfaces, clashing and clinging, eagerly seeking each other's presence.

Choreographer: Frenák Pál
Presenters: Nelson Reguera, Jantner Emese, Marie-Julie Debeaulieu, Vasas Erika, Holoda Péter, Feicht Zoltán, Bukta Gergő, Frenák Pál
Music: Fred Bigot
Dramaturge: Andy Varga
Consultant: Juhász Kata
Light: Marton János
Sound: Hajas Attila
Rigging: Ferenci Miklós
Production manager: Juhász Dóra


NKA, Scene Nationale d'Evreux-Louviers, Bakelit Multi Art Center

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