(H)earring #08

EXILES pres. Sirens


On 24th January Budapest-based EXILES published a selection album Sirens, featuring international and domestic, female and non-binary performers, mostly with song-based ambient music. Digital sales of the album, which contains 20 siren songs, will be offered to the NANE Association by the music community. Among others, Arexibo from South Korea, Shayu from Switzerland, Ai fen from Poland and China, from Hungary MA'AM, Orsolya Kaincz, Rozi Mákó, Kinga Tóth, and many others represented the scene.

The title siren is not only embedded in vocal sound formation, the general mood of the selection is also determined by an ominous, deep-sea atmosphere. The glass object on the cover was made by Melinda Doktor, the photo of the object was taken by Iza Nagy, the unique letters were taken by Adrienn Császár. Valentina Várhelyi provided curatorial assistance, and Dominika Trapp wrote a recommendation on the subject.

We can hear a soundtrack-like version of the album mixed by Polish DJ, program organizer and activist, daisy cutter.

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