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90 min.


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Bacarobo 2.0
Kitchen Budapest presents Stupid robot championship

30 OCT 2011.


In English and Hungarian

Calling all stupid robots of Europe! The Bacarobo Cup, also known as the Stupid Robot Competition, is the ideal event for those longing to see the performances of odd machines and have a hearty laugh in the process. Suitable for children too!
The Bacarobo was created in 2007 by the Japanese Maywadenki group in Tokyo. The series of competitions appeared outside of Japan for the first time in 2010, debuting in Europe thanks to the hosts Kitchen Budapest and Trafó. Due to its great success, the international competition returns to Budapest in 2011. Just like last year, useless, yet funny robots will enter the competition from all over Europe – and the ten most exciting of them will match their skills in front of the jury.
The requirements for entering a robot into the competition consist of fulfilling three simple criteria: they have to function mechanically, they mustn’t have any useful function and they have to make the audience laugh.

Curator: NEMES Attila
Directed by: the Kitchen Budapest team

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