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PanoDráma: Word for Word

| theatre

10 - 12 MAR 2011.

Word for Word uses the facts of the series of attacks on the Roma in Hungary between the years of 2008 and 2009, investigating the responsibility of the majority society for the creation of the current Hungarian atmosphere.

Two statements are simultaneously true: the murders are clearly condemned by 90% of the white Hungarian population. However, at the same time according to a number of indicators, 95% of the same group have racist views on the Roma to a smaller or greater extent. We’re attempting to confront ourselves and our audiences with this latter fact. If we succeed, we can begin working on a solution for this problem.

The texts used in the course of the performance are solely original materials true to the tenets of verbatim work, the length and sequence of which are determined by the performers without stylizing or rewriting the texts at all. We interviewed survivors, relatives, attorneys, police officers, the leaders of the local minority governments and mayors, but we also rely heavily on the statements of public figures and the ensuing media response as well.

The performance was created through the community work of an international team, during which the final product was greatly shaped by the actors, dramaturges, and writers. Michael Bhim and Mihaela Michailov are considered to be some of the most well-known young drama writers of their home countries, whose main profile is the documentary theatre, just like directors David Schwartz and Márta Schermann.

The rehearsals are led by: LENGYEL Anna, creative producer
Performers: BÁNKI Gergely, FEUER Yvette, HÁRS Anna, ORSÓS Róbert, ÖRDÖG Tamás, SCHERMANN Márta, SZAMOSI Zsófia, URBANOVITS Krisztina

Dramaturgy: BÍRÓ Dénes, GARAI Judit, HÁRS Anna, MERÉNYI Anna
Lighting designer: VIDA Zoltán

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