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22/09/2018 8pm
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Trafó Theatre Hall

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Hybrid produkció, NKA


Heiner Müller: Kvartett
multimedia performance

| theatre

21 - 23 SEP 2018.


In Hungarian

“It is our lofty vocation to kill time. A whole man is needed for that: there is too much time. Someone is needed who can stop the world clocks: eternity as an unceasing erection. Time is a slit in creation, the whole mankind fits in. The Church has stuffed it with God for the mob, but we know this hole is black and bottomless. If the mob finds this out it will pad it with us. „

                                                                                                         Heiner Müller: Quartet

The characters (Bíborka Bochkor and Márk Lakatos) play cruel games with each other, in 18th century masks and 21st century sequins.
They create camouflage profiles later exchanged between each other. “Their chat room” is stuffy and ice cold at the same time. Their sexuality exists only virtually, without physical touches.
The fetishist role play of Marquise de Merteuil and Vicomte de Valmont in the in the post-World War III bunker and in the French salon.
Beside the two characters a musician also appears on the stage.
„There is no man whose dick would not stiffen, if he thinks about the passing out of his precious flesh, fear makes the philosopher” – says Marquise de Merteuil in Heiner Müller’s work, and if someone asked me point-blank, as I ask myself now, I would not be able either to answer more strikingly for that why this work is so important for me, why the cruelty of sexuality is what I am most interested in at the present moment.
Kornél Simon

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