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29 - 31 MAY 2018.

Trafóklub, English-friendly, TRAFÓ19

In May 2018 smART! XTRA celebrates its 30th edition. Trafó House of Contemporary Arts in organizes a 3-day mini expo in collaboration with Bakelit Multi Art Center, Art Quarter Budapest [aqb] and Let it Be! art agency. The CONNECTIONS focuses on interactions between human beings, technical tools, different spaces and cities. How can digital tools inspire us to explore new artistic pathways? How can we communicate with each other using simple machines? How do we deal with distances and different surroundings? Video works, performance-installations, live painting and dance projects at three different venues.

2018.05.29. / Trafó (<< click here for more info)
19:00 CONNECTIONS (ticket: 500 HUF)
20:30 LOOP Gallery: “best of”
2018.05.30. / Bakelit (<< click here for more info)
19:00 Alva Morgenstern (AU): AURORA DIGITALIS (ticket: 2000 HUF)
20:00 Cosimo Miorelli & Fabrizio Nocci (IT): FLOCKS // DER TRÄUMER
2018.05.31. / aqb (<< click here for more info)
18:00-22:00  Niskanen & Salo (FI): WHEN I’M GONE, PLEASE DELETE MY VOICE MEMOS (free entrance)
19:00 Vass Imre – Somló Dávid (HU): DROHNETANZ (ticket: 1000 HUF)
20:30 Vass Imre – Somló Dávid (HU): DROHNETANZ (ticket: 1000 HUF)

Presenters: Alva MORGENSTERN, Cosimo MIORELLI, Fabrizio NOCCI, Jani-Matti SALO, Mark NISKANEN, Imre VASS, Dávid SOMLÓ, Esteban DE LA TORRE
Editor: KOVÁCS Andrea
Creative concept: Let it Be! art agency
Co-operation partners: Bakelit Multi Art Center, AQB, Let it Be! art agency
Supporters: Be SpectACTive, TEH, Creative Europe, TelepArt
Curators: KOVÁCS Andrea, KÖVÉCS Luca, ALBERT Dorottya, Be SpectACTive active spectators

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