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smART! XTRA // AV composers x ROM Festival
Interactive presentation

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11 APR 2018.

Trafóklub, TRAFÓ19

In Hungarian

As part of the smART! XTRA series of interactive presentations, audiences are invited to find out more about interdisciplinary forms of collaboration between different areas of the arts and creative industries, through a number of ongoing projects. The AV composers event will focus on different audiovisual techniques.
Presenters: Gábor KITZINGER, Tamás ZÁDOR, András NAGY, Roland HEIM , Martin MIKOLAI
Editor – moderator: Andrea KOVÁCS
Creative concept: Let it Be! art agency
Co-operation partners: MÜSZI Közért, AVnode
AVnode is a network of artists and professionals who organize activities in the field of audio-visual performing arts. LPM 2015-2018 (Live Performers Meeting) is an international partnership project that aims to develop and promote live video culture to both European and worldwide audiences. Their Hungarian partner, ROM - Riders on the Mall Festival, focuses on experiential learning and knowledge sharing, attracting a varied audience interested in new audiovisual technologies and progressive VJing methods.

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