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Theater, individual, society

Three evenings with three individual artists on the stage. Micro-stories. The performances take us to South Korea and South America but we travel in time, as well. During the three stories - each operating with different perceptions - we have to face decisions that might cause both physical and mental damages, therefore we are opposed to ourselves. How much is a life worth? How long are we able to exist under pressure? How does digitalization affect our relationships? How can a symbol aged hundreds of years and pirated by politics still affect society? How can people be kept in fear? How can Theater Arts deal with the questions mentioned above? Will it be able to present some results and greatness by the artistic interpretation of the micro-stories?

Three evenings, three lecture-performances. They are about us, our lives and the world surrounding us. In a different way.

After each play we organize a public talk with the participation of the artists.

09.26. 20h Jaha Koo: Cuckoo
09.27. 20h Silke Huysmans&Hannes Dereere: Mining Stories
09.28. 20h Oliver Zahn: Situation with outstrechted arm


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