20/01/2018 8pm



Trafó Theatre Hall

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1500 Ft | in advanced booking: 1200 Ft (the first 100 tickets)

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Zanzinger, Deep Glaze

| music

20 JAN 2018.


​line up
20h Zanzinger
21h Deep Glaze

Having spent his late teens and early twenties touring the world with small theatre projects, Budapest resident Daniel Micsoda, aka Zanzinger, started writing songs for himself that soon became noticed by others. With musical influences including American folk genres and experimental jazz, and with literary inspiration taken from English romanticism and American transcendentalism, Micsoda channels the performance attitude of late delta blues greats through all types of modern music in his song writing.

Deep Glaze are a young band creating music which mixes elements of both alternative and classic rock.

The strength of the group comes from the originality of their own music and their live performances. Experimentation is a key factor in their writing process, the exploration of new sounds and blending of different musical genres helping to create the unique ’world’ of the group.



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