Trafó Series

Common Causes – today’s society
This cross-genre series links all events that reflect current issues in our society. It is less concerned with personal questions, but rather common, social issues that need to be discussed collectively. The ‘Common Causes’ series covers dance, circus, storytelling, politics, interactive games, fictional and documentary theatre.
200% dance – pure dance
This series is simply about dance itself, focusing on the body and how it moves, and highlighting performances in which choreographic thinking is the starting point. Although these performances do feature experimentation, it is aesthetics that dominates here. The harmony and beauty of motion itself helps to connect performances in the series with audiences who may never have seen contemporary dance events before.
Eye Candy – dramatized scenery
Blurring the boundaries between performance and visual arts, the ‘Eye Candy’ series brings together visual-dominated works that focus on innovative scenery, unusual sets and the power of vision itself. These performances will appeal to those who like design and are amazed by spectacle, and is for lovers of circus, and anyone who is open to unique experiences.
smART! – analog tricks, virtual adventures
Art and technology, innovation and creativity, aesthetics and science... but watch out, not everything is what it seems! ‘smART! XTRA’ is a series of monthly thematic evenings fusing different artistic genres (theatre, dance, music, fine arts) with high-tech concepts, showcasing Hungarian and international developers who work creatively in the fields of robotics, audiovisual techniques and digital design.
A series of evenings featuring short (XS) and even shorter (XXS) events, presented one after another in various (and often unexpected) locations. Experiments take place, genres are mixed, artists thrive, and audiences move rapidly from performance to performance.

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