17/01/2017 7pm




Trafó Theatre Hall

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Workshop Foundation (HU), Új Előadóművészeti Alapítvány (HU), OFF Alapítvány (HU), Stanica (SK), Garage-29 (BE)

/ question mark, self-reflection, stability
Gyula Cserepes: Selfy

| dance

17 JAN 2017.

| NEXTFESZT, English-friendly, TRAFÓ18

‘Selfy’ is an interactive, participatory, contemporary dance performance. By bringing the audience on stage, improvising and jumping between them, Gyula questions the convention of watching dance and dance performances. In this proximity, where the spectator can be touched both metaphorically and literally by the performance, the question of freedom and our relation to it is challenged. In an artistic space created for self-reflection the spectator and performer share the same ‘stage’ in close proximity, and this experience wins over any ‘narrative’. ‘Selfy’ dances on the thin line between trance and representation.

How do we react in such a situation? How do we handle the responsibility which comes with ‘total’ freedom? Some choose to stay in the safe, well-known position of being a passive observer – while others let themselves be taken on a journey into the unknown, revealing the hidden potential that each one of us carries, liberating our own body and soul. ‘Selfy’ is yourself among themselves when we are being ourselves – together.
Creator-presenter: Gyula Cserepes
Lighting: Ints Plavnieks
Music: László Mádi
Producer: Gyula Cserepes
Coproduction: Zavod En-Knap
Co-organiser: Workshop Foundation

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