27/03/2013 7pm


50+40 min.


Trafó Theatre Hall

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Qaartsiluni Ensemble - Visegrad Portraits 2013

| music

27 MAR 2013.


The first major premier of the Qaartsiluni Ensemble was in February 2012 at Trafó. The ensemble – in the collective noun meaning of the word – incorporates the previous, multifarious work, yet composite performing approach of its leader and fine musicians trained through their shared work.
This concert comes to fruition with the aim of establishing a process of work that reaches beyond borders to engage our neighboring countries and other musicians and artists from further away, who share a similar approach to music.
Qaartsiluni Ensemble
Milan Pala /SK/ - violin, Kántor Balázscello, H. Zováthy Alajosdoublebass,
Rákóczy Anna flute, Rácz Ottó oboe,
Bartek Zsoltclarinet,
Tekula Endrehorn, Jankó Attilabassoon,
Borbély Lászlópiano
Horia Dumitrache /R/ – clarinet,

rtistic director and conducted by:
Rozmán Lajos
Quasars Ensemble /SK/
(Peter Mosorjak – violin, Peter Zwiebel – viola, Andrej Gál – cello)
Agata Zubel /PL/ – vocals
Pető Anna set
Ivan Buffa: Organismo
Varga Judit: 13 Lieder
Ivan Buffa: String Quartet
. - . - .
Agata Zubel: Not I
Sponsors: Filharmónia Budapest N. Kft.,Visegrad Fund, Budapesti Lengyel Intézet

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