14 February 2011



Gödör Klub (1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér)

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3rd Voice Company: Perspectives
in the wake of Peer Gynt

14 FEB 2011.


In the frame of Festival Temps d’Images:

A host of teleplays, films, operas and theatrical adaptations have been made of Henrik Ibsen’s dramatic tale turned world classic, Peer Gynt. The plot revolves around the figure of a compulsive liar, which is the archetypal embodiment of the fairy heroes of Norwegian legends and a key figure in a great number of works. On this occasion, the company of the Harmadik Hang Háza [3H – House of the Third Voice] attempts to reinterpret the travels of the globe-trotting adventurer with a new, 3-dimensional technique, in a virtual space in which peculiar illusions are created through the manipulation of an “unnatural”, untouchable environment borne from the synergy of classic theatricals and modern technology. The true leading actors of this working premiere are the colors – orange, green, purple and blue – and the space surrounding us. The dimensions that give us perspectives and play with our senses… dazzling and mesmerizing us. They bring the imagery of our fantasies to life.

Created by: 3rd Voice Company and University of Theatre, Kolozsvár - BERECZKI Enikő, BODOR Balázs, HUNYADI István, KELENHEGYI Olga Sára, MOLNÁR György, OKOS Attila Ákos, ORBÁN Levente, PÁL Emőke, SEBŐK Maya, SZÁSZ Réka
Video: JUHÁSZ András
Animation: TASKOVICS Éva
Sound: TESFAY Áron
Light: MERVEL Miklós
Props: SZABÓ Márta Choreographed by: KÁNTOR Kata
Assistant: KOVÁCS Andrea
Directed by: BÁRSONY Júlia és ALBU István

Special thanks: BIRTALAN Krisztina, BÉRCZI Zsófia Supported by: Tilos Rádió, Élőkép Egyesület, Gödör Klub

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