Gondolat Generátor (‘Thought generator’) is our contemporary engagement program.
Trafó’s Gondolat Generátor series consists of complementary events which help build on the themes addressed in performances, create the opportunity for closer interaction with creators, and provide a space for audience feedback. Certain events are usually held in Hungarian (for example, our pre-show Added Value lecture series which focuses on discussing the contexts of themes in particular performances, or our moderated Point of You informal discussion series for audience members), but many of the events are also presented in English.
 After shows by non-Hungarian performers, the creator(s) of the show often hold a post-show talk, moderated by a relevant performing arts professional. The audience is invited to ask, comment, share thoughts or just find out more about what happens behind the scenes.
Guided tours at Trafó Gallery are held by either the exhibiting artist or the exhibition’s curator.
When non-Hungarian dance or contemporary circus companies perform at Trafó, they often hold a workshop for (semi-)professional performers in the relevant field. These are unique and one-time chances to learn, widen perspectives and come into direct contact with leading artists in the world of contemporary performance art.
Many other activities are organized to help initiate young adults into the world of arts. These activities are launched every six months, and offer a comprehensive and progressive education package to those interested in dialogues between teenage audience and contemporary culture. Students are invited to workshops to share their opinions, thoughts and reflections on performances. To apply for a special English-language program for your student group, contact gondolatgenerator@trafo.hu or like our Facebook page: Gondolat Generátor
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