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/ fantasy, rebus, optics

| | smART

22 MAY 2017.

Trafóklub, English-friendly, TRAFÓ18

Do you like brain-teasing challenges? Want to take a short excursion into the land of eye-catching optical illusions? Then close the door of the Magic Box behind you and use your creativity to find the way out!

We are celebrating the 20th edition of the smART! XTRA series with a space-specific installation and interactive performance, inspired by the dramaturgy of escape room games. During the guided adventure tour, visitors will need to solve some technological rebuses and find their way out of a locked Trafóklub.

Helsinki-based InsideOut Escape Games, the curators of the Hungarian Visionhouse exhibition, and the amazing visual and light projection magicians LaLuz Visuals, invite the audience on a journey into a universe of holograms, digital slides and UV-reactive objects. Accompanied by Ágnes Kaszás and Lidia Bäck, who will manipulate the physical environment in a unique way using their live presence, as well as analogue and high tech props, participants will become characters in the story itself.

With: Ágnes KASZÁS, Lidia BÄCK
Editor: Andrea KOVÁCS
Creative concept: Let it Be! art agency
Co-operation partners: LaLuz Visuals, Látványház

InsideOut Escape Games (FI)

Finnish-based InsideOut Escape Games offers real-life escape room game experiences. Small groups are locked into one of their specially-designed theme rooms, and have to rack their brains to solve puzzles, find clues and use the objects around them to escape from the room in time. No special skills are needed, only teamwork, creativity and a spirit of fun!

LaLuz Visuals
The LaLuz Visuals group have been involved in light painting since 1999, working in both Hungary and abroad with cultural, civil and corporate clients. Their works have been shown at exhibition openings, international art fairs and festivals, and in theatrical plays and television shows. Their aim is to create new dimensions and spectacular experiences using light and colour.


The Visionhouse visual exhibition showcases a variety of fascinating and surprising optical illusions and devices. Visitors to the exhibition can try out a creative selection of unique everyday objects and interactive games.

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