21/04/2018 7pm



Trafó Theatre Hall

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Sir Alice (F)- Cristina Kristal Rizzo (I): Humpty Dumpty

| dance

21 APR 2018.

English-friendly, TRAFÓ19, XXS

The creation is generated as a dispositive in which elements of sound and movement are articulated around the use of 6 megaphones, a very actual symbol of alert and revolt. The two interpreters transfigure the use of these objects, making them sonorous and affective, following uniquely the instinct of their bodies they generate a reciprocal gaze and a communal rhythm of affection and presence so to transform the space and the time of the event in a brief but intense womanly ritual.

Concept and performance: Sir Alice, Cristina Kristal Rizzo
Production: CAB008, Short Theatre Festival in the frame of the project SOURCE
Co-production: SACD, Festival D’Avignon

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