30 MAR - 7 MAY, 2017

Letting Go

>visual arts

Exhibiting artists: Jan Brož, Marek Delong & Anna Slama, Zsófia Keresztes, Pavel Sterec
curator: Jan Zálešák
Opening: 30.03.2017. THU 7 pm.

The present 21st century crisis of humanism is in the thematic focus of Trafó Gallery’s next group exhibition. The exhibition doesn’t want to simply present this crisis, it rather searches answers to the question how contemporary art can regain it’s orientation towards the future. The need of the aforementioned re-orientation is articulated in the accelerationalist movement, and as it was rapidly accepted in contemporary philosophy, it has an inspiring effect in contemporary art as well. Techno-optimism of the accelerationist movement deeply believes in speeding up technological development, with the aim to reach a state of full automation and post-work society. The exhibited works write themselves also into this context, they oscillate between two points, one defined by our time of crisis which endangers all the life on the planet and another more techno-optimist version, which still believes in human controlled processes. In the works of the exhibitors the human gives up its hegemony, and “dissolves” into an undistinguished unity between nature, culture, and technology. The artworks featured in the exhibition thus centre their attention to topics like the post-human, generic images, symbiogenesis, blurring the borders between objects and figures and all the exalted emotions which this process creates.

Supported by:
National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Káli Kövek
The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Are | are-events.org and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

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