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Trafó Theatre Hall

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Ensemble Vortex: Music, Body & Machines

| music

13 JAN 2018.


The concert is prepared with an interactive workshop at 18:30
New chamber music, where in addition to the instruments played, bodies in motion direct the sound of the pieces.

If the concert tonight were just called Music & machines, it would be easy to guess that this is an event of the Transparent Sound New Music Festival. These contextual connections, where music as the leading feature comes under the influence of other fields, make the festival unique. In this case however the extraordinary Swiss Vortex Ensemble adds a “body” of even more excitement to the program.
The Ensemble created in 2005 devotes itself exclusively to new music. When choosing from their proposed programs we asked if they could also perform a classical Swiss piece or transcription, since this is the topic of the festival this year, their answer was no, because they perform only the latest compositions by the young generation which is their primary mission. The music-body-machine connection is paired with the high professionalism of their performances – as a composer friend, whose music Vortex Ensemble recently performed, made us understand a month or so ago.

John Menoud: Acéphale
Arturo Corrales: Canon Fractal Por Aumentación Sobre Una Melodia Popular (Folk you!)
Francisco Huguet: La Flor Mas Rara
Fernando Garnero: “Limae Labor”
Daniel Zea: Fuck Facebook Face Orchestra
Daniel Zea: Kinecticut

Rada Hadjikostova-Schleuter
Patrick Schleuter
Anne Gillot
Arturo Corrales
Jocelyne Rudasigwa
Aurélien Ferrette
Daniel Zea

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