17/02/2018 8pm



Trafó Theatre Hall

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Electrify vol. 15 // James Ferraro (US), Lolina (UK), Phase Alternating Line (HU)

| music

17 FEB 2018.


Uncomfortable truths, disruptive voices and beauty in its most divergent incarnations will have the lead roles at the 15th Electrify. Relentlessly uncovering the illusions of the twenty-first century, James Ferraro will perform for the first time in Hungary, Hype Williams founder singer-producer Lolina will present new material while the audio-visual collaboration of Kitzinger Gábor and S Olbrict, Phase Alternating Line will debut in Budapest at Electrify.

James Ferraro closely studies and replicates the sounds embodying the illusion of glamour, beauty and happiness of our society. Throughout his decade long career he systematically covered how certain sounds serve consumer culture, globalized communication, American national consciousness or the commodification of art as well as what infrastructures or psychological frameworks keep the wheels of these ideologies turning. As Ferraro puts it, these sounds are social lube for capitalist transactions.

By imitating ringtones, notifications, on-hold music, the sounds of operating systems, bleeps and noises of ATMs and GPSs James Ferraro amplifies the contradictions characterizing the sounds filling up our everyday lives. In his music, the seductive but dehumanized sounds undergo deconstruction and a modern day psychedelia is born. Ferraro previously made trap, noise music, ambient, rnb, pop, even blues, one could argue, and with one of his records accidentally started vaporwave.  He works with labels that release music from artists such as Grimes, Dean Blunt, Arca or Laurel Halo, has recorded concept albums about the ’92 Los Angeles riots, the 9/11 catastrophe, composed elevator music and on-hold music for MoMA PS1 and was involved in a myriad of other engaging projects using more than thirty aliases. Looking through his work, we can safely say that there are very few musicians capable of what James Ferraro is capable of: seeing the world as a whole with his art within it. Following years of planning, James Ferraro comes to Hungary for the first time to perform at the 15th edition of Trafó’s Electrify series.

Lolina first became well-known as Inga Copeland, founder of the hugely influential experimental act Hype Williams. Her solo career started when Hype Williams disbanded in 2012 and went on to release two albums and several singles under the names Inga Copeland, copeland and eventually Lolina. A distinct voice, a punk attitude, discordant atmospheres and a musical world mostly rooted in dub and ambient are what make up the sound of Lolina. However, her music is hard to really get a hold of as it is playful and hardened at the same time and always blurs boundaries between the individual and society.

The third act of the night is Phase Alternating Line, a collaboration between visual artist Kitzinger Gábor and producer S Olbricht. Their improvised performance explores the themes of noise and abstraction with live analogue electronics and sound reactive visuals. Known for releasing music with labels such as Opal Tapes, Lobster Theremin or Lee Gamble’s UIQ besides his own label Farbwechsel, S Olbricht has proved himself as a musicians many times. What sets him apart is his excellent knowledge and use of proportions, his refined taste and a great sense of nostalgia. Following performances in Rome and Berlin, Phase Alternating Line will present their show in Budapest for the first time.

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