3 APR - 11 MAY, 2014


>visual arts

Exhibition: Radu Comşa (RO), Vladimír Houdek (CZ), Ádám Kokesch (HU), Gergő Szinyova (HU), Jiří Thýn (CZ)
Curator: Áron Fenyvesi

The exhibition gathers new abstract artistic positions in different contemporary genres and media as installation, objects, photo and painting. The aim of the exhibition is to collect and show different relevant methods and already running programs of artists from the central-European region who deal with abstraction, sometimes even utopian modernism as a non-referential tool. The clear point of the exhibition is to show in a very compressed way, how some of the emerging artists of the region are trying to articulate a new purely visual language, by constructing new genres in an instinctive way, rather than using modernism as an art historical reference in order to try to mediate contemporary content though the re-contextualization of (art) history.

You can download the HANDOUT of the exhibition from here.


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