18/05/2018 9pm




Trafó Theatre Hall

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2400 HUF | Student: 1900 HUF
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Nemzeti Kulturális Alap

/ swinging, floating, falling
Freak Fusion: fightinGravity

| circus

18 MAY 2018.

English-friendly, TRAFÓ19

Like everyone, a circus artiste’s life is dictated by the downward pressure of gravity – hanging in suspension, floating, hovering, tumbling, doubting. But through the medium of circus impossible situations can be brought to life in front of our eyes. What would it be like if gravity was inverted? How would it be to live life upside down? What would happen if we were literally able to ‘climb up the walls’? This performance takes theories and then shatters them, allowing the audience to experience for a moment what it is like to challenge this ever-present downward pressure.
Gergely Kiss, András Mező, Dávid Mikó, Dorottya Podmaniczky, Zsófia Zoletnik
Music: Balázs Igaz
Lighting: Orsolya Pete
Set: Zsófia Zoletnik
Aerial technology: Rolland André
Creative assistant: Gabriella Máthé
Production assistants: Julianna Kollányi, József Lenhardt

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